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SNAP Two: Fools Rush In will take place the afternoon of the first Saturday in April, 2006, in and around the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle. Players can expect up to 5 hours of puzzle solving, plus an extra hour or more for sign-in and post-event socializing.

Teams are 4 players — no more, no less. Each team will need to bring not much more than a cell phone, something to write with, and something to write on (like a notepad).

The course may be up to 4 miles long, and all travel between puzzle sites must be on foot. No other transportation is permitted, without express permission from the puzzle organizers.

You can expect to spend more time solving puzzles than traveling. You may travel from site to site at your own pace — running is not necessary. However, there will be a final cut-off time, so the less time you spend traveling, the more time you have to solve puzzles. Each team must travel as a group; you may not split up unless explicitly requested to do so for a particular puzzle.

Puzzlers of all ages are welcome. However, there must be a parent or guardian (18 years or older) on a team for each child (12 years or younger). Also, while this is intended to be a family-friendly event, children younger than 8 might not enjoy it as much due to the traveling and the difficulty level of the puzzles.

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SNAP 2: Fools Rush In
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