What is all this SNAP, coed astronomy buisness?

SNAP (Seattle and Nearby Adventures in Puzzling) is a less than annual puzzle event held in the Seattle area. Think of it as a more laid back version of The Game. The organizers have worked with the generous folks of coed astronomy to put on a simultaneous version of their mini-game here in Seattle.

What kind of event is a mini-game?

Just what it says. We're aiming to give teams a relaxing, fun, puzzle-filled day in the city. The idea is to solve some puzzles while traveling around Seattle. See some sights, enjoy the day, work out your brain.

What about scoring?

There will be a rudimentary scoring system, so you can track how you did against the other teams. But there won't be huge prizes (beyond bragging rights), so playing with a cutthroat attitude will likely just sap the fun for your team. The winners will "enjoy" the privilege of running the next SNAP.

When does it start and end?

We haven't nailed down these things quite yet, but we plan to start mid-morning (~9am), and finish early evening (~6pm). There will be a short reception at the end, with snacks and puzzle solutions.

Where is the start location?

The start and end location will be in Seattle, with parking available (plan on a parking fee). More details will be forthcoming

Sounds good, how much?

Entry Fee: $50 per team.

Really? You trying to make a living off this?

It's really a minimal cost to cover puzzle materials, facilities, and food at the end. If you want to run the next SNAP for free, we would be more than happy to sing your praises.

You really expect us to walk the entire course?

Most definitely. The total travel distance will be less than 4 miles. You are not allowed to drive, but are free to use any public transportation available during the event.

What if it rains? It is Seattle, after all.

Then you will get wet. Bring an umbrella. We live in Seattle, and the constant threat of a gloomy soggy day hasn't stopped us from having fun before.

How many people per team?

A team needs to be 4 or 5 people. No more, no less. If you have 4 people, don't worry too much about finding a 5th as the puzzles will still be easily accessable. It's more important to find a team that you would enjoy spending a nice day solving puzzles and taking a tour around town.

I can't find any one who will puzzle with me. Will you help me find a team?

No. We recommend Seattle Game Control for match making. Or, if you are on MS campus, you can use the puzzmate group/mailing list for hooking up with a team.

What do we need to bring?

You'll have to carry everything for the duration of the game, so we have made our requirements relatively light.

When is the sign up deadline?

Though we have no sign up deadline, space is limited. Sign up as soon as you have a team together.

Where do I sign up?

Registration is CLOSED!  Sorry, but we have hit the limit of teams for this event.
Send any questions to SeattleGC at gmail.com

You need to answer this burning question that hasn't been covered!

Send us the question, and we will do our best to answer it. Please keep in mind that we will be filling out more information in the near future, and we'll try to keep all teams informed with any important updates.