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What is this all about?
This is SNAP 5. It's also BANG 22. In short, it's a puzzle event in the style of The Game, played on foot over a single day. Players can expect to solve puzzles, explore an area on foot, and have fun!
SNAP is "Seattle and Nearby Adventures in Puzzling," a quasi-semi-annual series of puzzle events in and around Seattle. Past SNAPs have been: Please note that, by SNAP convention, the winning team will have the idea of hosting a future SNAP suggested to them, but will not actually be required or expected to host one.
What about SNAP 1?
We don't know either.
BANG is the "Bay Area Night Game," a regular series of puzzle events hosted in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Please note that, by BANG convention, the winning team will be expected to host a future BANG event.
When is it?
As the Opportunities page mentions, it will be held on April 18, 2009. The exact times will be revealed a few days prior to the event, but expect to arrive by about 9:30 AM, and finish up around 6 PM.
Where is it?
Seattle Area
Somewhere in the Seattle Area. The exact location will be revealed a few days prior to the event.
Bay Area
Somewhere in the North Bay. The exact location will be revealed a few days prior to the event.
What if it rains?
You'll probably get wet. The event is on foot, and some puzzles are outdoors. If there's any chance of rain on the day of the event, you should plan for it by bringing appropriate clothing. An umbrella wouldn't hurt, either.
Are there any hidden puzzles on this site?
There are no hidden puzzles on this site. If we put any puzzles on this site, they will be clearly marked. The biographies of the scientists are not a puzzle. However, you might find the specifics of their publications amusing.
Who can play?
The event is open to anyone and everyone - just form a team and sign up! No prior puzzling experience is required or expected; SNAP is intended to be friendly for first-time solvers as well as more experienced teams.
You mentioned that the event is "on foot." Do I need to be athletic for this?
Heavens, no! You will end up walking less than four miles over the course of the day. We tested our route, and it should be easily walked in far less than the time given, and you'll have plenty of time to rest while solving puzzles.
What constitutes a team?
In the tradition of recent SNAPs, a team is exactly four or five people. If you have four, you don't need to worry about finding a fifth; nothing will require five people. If you have six people, you should consider recruiting two more and forming two teams! Supervised children are welcome, as well - we trust your discretion about whether to count them against the team size.
I don't have a full team!
If you're in Seattle and looking for teammates, check out Seattle GC. If you're at Microsoft, you can also try the puzzmate DL. If you're in the Bay Area, try the baybang group.
What does it cost to participate?
Seattle Area
$50 per team.
Bay Area
$20 per team, plus a small prize worth about $10.
Why is the cost different for Seattle and the Bay Area?
In short, because our budgets worked out differently. One significant difference is that the Seattle event, in the tradition of past SNAPs, will have a hosted after-party at a rented venue, while the Bay Area event will not.
How do I sign up / make payment?
Once registration is open, we will post details here.
I'm busy that weekend / I can't find a team / I can't be there for the whole event. Is there a way I can still participate?
Please contact us! There are many ways to participate, from beta-testing the event to helping us staff a site for some or all of the event.
Who are you guys?
Grey Goo is writing this event and running it in Seattle. We're a small team of puzzle fans who won SNAP 3, and got pushed into running one ourselves. The Smoking GNU is adapting the event and hosting it in the Bay Area.