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What is this event?

This is SNAP 7, a simulcast of Ghost Patrol: Bust A 'Nother Ghost (aka BANG 29). In short, it's a puzzle event in the style of The Game, played on foot over a single day. Players can expect to solve puzzles, explore an area on foot, and have fun!


SNAP (Seattle and Nearby Adventures in Puzzling) is a less than annual puzzle event held in the Seattle area. Think of it as a more laid-back version of The Game. The organizers have worked with the crew of Ghost Patrol from the Bay Area to run a same-day version of their event here.
Please note that, by SNAP convention, the winning team will have the idea of hosting a future SNAP suggested to them, but will not actually be required or expected to host one.

What about SNAP 1?

We aren't telling.

When is it?

October 31, 2010.
Check in by 9:30 am.
The event will run from 10 am to 4 pm.

Where is it?

SNAP 7 will take place on the set of Nightmare at Beaver Lake, a haunted forest.
When you register for SNAP 7, you will have the opportunity to buy a set of 4 discounted passes to the nightmare, which can be used before or after SNAP 7.

Tell me more about these passes

The passes can be used any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night that the nightmare is open, as well as Halloween night.

Will my team be at a disadvantage if we wait until after SNAP 7 to visit Nightmare at Beaver Lake?

You will not be at a disadvantage for SNAP if you wait until Halloween night to visit the nightmare.

What if it rains?

You'll get wet.

Seriously, what if it rains?

Seriously, you'll get wet. The event is on foot, and many puzzles are outdoors. Rain is entirely possible - it is fall in Seattle, after all! It may be wet, cold, muddy or windy at some of the locations, so dress warmly and try to stay dry. An umbrella would be an excellent thing to have along, so you can keep your puzzles dry as well.

Are there any hidden puzzles on this site?

There are no hidden puzzles on this site.

Who can play?

The event is open to anyone and everyone - just form a team and sign up! No prior puzzling experience is required.

You mentioned that the event is "on foot." Do I need to be athletic for this?

No. You will end up walking a few miles over the course of the day.

What constitutes a team?

A team is exactly four people (as in SNAP 2).

I don't have a full team!

If you're in Seattle and looking for teammates, check out the Seattle Puzzlers group on Facebook. If you're at Microsoft, you can also try the puzzmate DL.

What does it cost to participate?

There are two options:  $50 for SNAP 7 registration alone $82 for SNAP 7 registration plus passes for Nightmare at Beaver Lake (usable Sunday through Thursday).

How do I sign up / make the payment?

Registration is FULL

You can still register to be added to the wait list.

I'm busy that weekend / I can't find a team / I can't be there for the whole event. Is there a way I can still participate?

Please contact us. There are many ways to participate, from beta testing the event to helping us staff a puzzle site.

Who are you guys?

Team SharkBait and Team Briny Deep are jointly running this event in Sammamish. The puzzle authors are Ghost Patrol from the Bay Area.